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ГОСТ Р ИСО/ТУ 16949-2009



Quality management system in the automotive industry is dealt with in Russian national standard ГОСТ Р ИСО/ТУ 16949-2009 "Quality management systems - Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2008 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations».
The objectives of development of specific requirements for quality management systems in the automotive industry include:

  • continual improvement provision;

  • emphasizing defect prevention;

  • continual waste and variation reduction.
ГОСТ Р ИСО/ТУ 16949-2009 standard, developed from ISO 9001 standard, determines the requirements for quality management system in respect of design, development, manufacture and, if applicable, installation and maintenance of automotive industry products. The requirements of the standard are introduced in 5 clauses:
  • Quality management system,

  • Management responsibility,

  • Resource management,

  • Product realization,

  • Measurement, analysis and improvement.
Only exclusions permitted by the standard are regarding product design and development processes. ГОСТ Р ИСО/ТУ 16949-2009 standard is applicable for all organizations within the manufacturing and supply chain of automotive industry equipment and component parts. The term “automotive” includes cars, buses, motorbikes, trucks, but excludes special purpose vehicles, e.g. tractors. The scope of certification includes sites where value added activities are performed and remote locations where support services are provided.


  • product quality and manufacturing processes improvement;

  • increase of consumer confidence;

  • implementation of system approach to quality throughout the whole chain of suppliers and use of best practices of international automotive industry;

  • reduction of the number of multiple certifications;

  • efficient use of resources.

Certification of quality management system in automotive industry in Russian Register, allows You to obtain:

  • Certificate of conformity to the requirements of Russian national standard ГОСТ Р ИСО/ТУ 16949-2009 in Russian Register system, recognized by leading Russian automotive enterprises (KAMAZ),

  • Wide range of courses and seminars,

  • Opportunity to certify integrated management system for compliance with the requirements of 2 or more standards,

  • Opportunity to receive integrated service for management systems, products and personnel certification,

  • Opportunity to reduce service costs through engagement of qualified Russian-speaking auditors from the nearest branch-office or representative office, located not only on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS, but also abroad,

  • etc.

Declaration Request for preliminary assessment / certification of management system

Annex to Declaration-Request for multi-sites organizations

Criteria for applicant's evaluation of management system integration level by completion of declaration-application




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