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State and local administration

Governmental and local self-government authorities are of great importance for civil society formation on the basis of rendering high-quality, economically feasible services taking into account legal requirements, and requirements and expectations of citizens, business community representatives and other stakeholders.
Work in compliance with models of international standards in regard to management already covers governmental and local self-government authorities worldwide, including in Russia, and application of these models, especially the model, introduced in ISO 9000-series of standards, allows governmental authorities to improve efficiency of its activity and accomplish identified goals, of which the main one is the improvement of the quality of the citizens’ life and their confidence in the government and governmental authorities. Moreover, certification of local self-government authorities for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard was introduced by the European Union for new members as a requirement for membership (Poland, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.).

Russian Register offers the following services for governmental and local self-government authorities:

  • quality management systems certification for compliance with ISO 9001 requirements with international RvA accreditation;

  • social accountability management systems certification for compliance with SA 8000 requirements with SAAS accreditation – SAI authorized organization;

  • performance of combined audit for compliance with SA 8000, BSCI, IQNet SR 10 standards requirements,

  • information security management systems certification for compliance with ISO 27001 requirements;

  • integrated management systems certification, developed in compliance with the requirements of several international or national standards;

  • personnel training against programs, conforming to the requirements of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC).

Russian Register has a unique experience of working with governmental and local self-government authorities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Republic of Belarus. We have certified such governmental and local self-government authorities as the Government of Kaliningrad region, Government of Chuvash Republic, administration of the following cities: Rostov-on-Don, Vologda, Bataisk, Shakhty, Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow, a wide range of Ministries and Departments of Republic of Kazakhstan, and many others. Accumulated unique experience in this area allows our experts to conduct audits of governmental and self-government authorities’ management systems at the highest level, and the results of our audits provide significant help to governmental and self-government authorities in the improvement of quality of their operations and enhancement of public and other stakeholders’ satisfaction with their activity.




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