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Russian shipbuilding industry traditionally is one of the most technologically advanced economic sectors. Russian shipyards have experience in construction of ships of practically any class, type and tonnage. Currently shipyards conduct construction of ships of different classes and purposes. The sector includes largest manufacturers of carrying and automation systems. Ship engines of different capacities, electric motor units, electrical equipment for shipbuilding, screw mechanisms, various types of densifiers, control systems and other equipment is manufactured.
As the organization, that emerged from the structure of FSI “Russian Maritime Register of Shipping”, Russian Register has an enormous amount of experience working with shipbuilders and ship repairers and enterprises-suppliers of shipbuilding industry both in Russia and abroad. Moreover, Russian Register is an organization, recognized by Maritime Register of Shipping for assessment of suppliers’ activity.
Russian Register offers the enterprises of shipbuilding industry the broadest range of services in respect of certification and compliance assessment, which can be necessary for market competitiveness:

  • certification of quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management systems with RvA international accreditation, allowing to deliver shipbuilding complex products abroad;

  • certification in military certification systems “Military Register”, “Oboroncertifica”, which is required for participation in Russia’s defense order;

  • integrated management systems certification, developed in compliance with the requirements of several international or national standards;

  • products certification in GOST R and RR system;

  • personnel training on programs, conforming to the requirements of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC).




Certification Association “Russian Register” is the largest and most recognized in Russian and abroad Russian independent Certification Body for management systems, products and personnel certification. Learn more