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SDOS NOSTROY is a voluntary conformity assessment system of the National Association of Constructors – universal, industry-wide, nation-wide certification system in construction. The System has been developed by the RF National Association of Constructors for the benefit of participants of the construction process (constructors, designers, investors etc.) and consumers of construction materials and construction products (buildings and facilities).
Certification Association “Russian Register” as a certification body has undergone the admission procedure and has been included into the Unified Registrar of SDOS NOSTROY members. Russian Register is authorized to carry out activities on conformity assessment within the system for 17 types of economic activity in the following scopes:

  • Quality management system

  • Environmental management system

  • Occupational health and safety management system

  • Integrated management systems

Availability of conformity certificates issued by Russian Register within the framework of SDOS NOSTROY ensures additional recognition on the construction market for the construction industry companies, and certifies that a company has passed the procedure of certification for conformity to all the rules and recommendations of the biggest association in the construction industry of Russia.
Certificates of Russian Register within SDOS NOSTROY ensures the following to the construction companies:

  • Provision of discounts up to 20% to the construction organizations by insurers.

  • Conduction of “documentary” (simplified) audit of a construction organization by a self-regulatory organization (SRO).

The framework of the voluntary certification system ideology is:
  • responsibility of the certification market participants, admitted by the System to carry out conformity assessments (certification, marking, expert assessment);

  • assurance of high professional level and credibility of conformity certification;

  • traceability and controllability of the procedures for certificate issuance, marking and expert assessment carried out within SDOS NOSTROY.

Scopes of certification within SDOS NOSTROY:
  • Basic: activities in construction, management systems in construction, quality control system of construction organizations.

  • Additional: construction materials, items and structures, electrotechnical items, machines and mechanisms applied in construction (fields planned for development along generation of additional requirements within STO NOSTROY and SRO standard).

  • Innovative: “green construction”, energy efficiency in construction, the best available technologies in construction industry (prospective fields planned for development along generation of relevant national standards and STO NOSTROY standards in the scope of conformity assessment).

Objectivity and credibility of certification within SDOS NOSTROY are ensured by participation in conformity assessment and certification activities of certification bodies, test laboratories (centers), expert bodies, independent of commercial, financial, administrative and other influence by persons directly or indirectly interested in decisions made, as well as by competence of experts and specialists.
Name of employee: Pavel Nikanorov, head of the marketing and international activity department




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