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Russian Register has the official accreditation of the RF Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) effective under the RF Federal Law dated 28.12.2013 N 412-FZ “On accreditation within the national accreditation system”. In accordance with this federal law legitimacy and recognition of Conformity Certificates at the territory of RF is ensured through accreditation of the RF Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) assigned to a certification body.
This national accreditation covers certification against management standards and product certification.
In accordance with the Provision on the Federal accreditation service approved by the decree of the Russian Federation Government dated October 17, 2011 № 845, Rosaccreditation is an authorized federal executive body performing functions of a Russian Federation national accreditation body, as well as functions on developing a single national accreditation system and exercising control of activities of the accredited bodies.
Please note, that in accordance with the new rules stated in the RF Federal Law N 412-FZ, voluntary certification systems still exist, however full and definite recognition of certification results and certificates issued in RF is ensured directly by Rosaccreditation accreditation of a certification body. In addition a Customer can request for a sectorial accreditation – for example, military industry sector, oil and gas sector and a number of other sectors.
Availability of national accreditation in Russian Register along with foreign (RvA (Netherlands), ANAB (USA) – IAF members) and sectorial accreditations will ensure maximum recognition of Your Certificate




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