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Oboronsertifika system was established to fulfill the order № 534 of State Committee for Defence Industry of Russia as of August, 301994. State registration of Oboronsertifika system took place on March, 20 1995. Upon the decision of Federal Executive Authorities since April, 27 1998 rights of the legal entity - Oboronsertifika system developer – were delegated to ANO “Center Qualitet”. An autonomous non-commercial organization “Center Qualitet” (ANO “Center Qualitet”) was established on December, 23 1997. Since April 2004 the founders include: the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and International Congress of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs.
The main objective of Oboronsertifika system is creation of conditions for provision of product competitiveness of defence and other sectors enterprises at internal and external markets through conformity confirmation.

The scope of Oboronsertifika system:

  • products (services) of defence industry enterprises;

  • products, manufactured by enterprises of other sectors of industry;

  • enterprises’ quality management systems (QMS);

  • environmnetal safety of defence industry manufacturers.

Fulfillment of requirements of the Russian Federation law “On national security” is ensured. QMS Certification Bodies, accredited by ANO “Center Qualitet” in Oboroncertifika system include: Certification Association “Russian Register”, Association “Centrocert”, 32 State Scientific, Research and Testing Institute of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, NO “Soyuzcert”, “Pronal” firm SUE, Association “Petrocert”, “NMC Norma” CJSC, Scientific and Research Institute named after Academician A.N. Krylov FSUE (branch-office of Scientific and Research Institute “LOT” “Sudocert”). Geographically experts represent the majority of main manufacturing regions of the country. Also there are Agreements on mutual recognition of experts between Oboronsertifika system and GOST R and Russian Register certification system.




Certification Association “Russian Register” is the largest and most recognized in Russian and abroad Russian independent Certification Body for management systems, products and personnel certification. Learn more