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Mosstroycertification certificate is issued for all kinds of products, not subject to mandatory certification. This certificate is a very efficient market tool. In submission of application, an applicant can determine standards of his products himself. Mosstroycertification system was established by “Mosstroycertification” Joint Stock Company to satisfy the needs of entities and persons in voluntary confirmation conformity of services, works, processes and products, mannufactured objects, utilized in housing maintenance and utilities infrastructure and construction.
Mosstroycertification system was registered in Unified State Register of Registered Voluntary Certification Systems by Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency on January, 21 2005. During the registration, the system was issued a registration number ROSS.RU.3168.04.YLOO. Applicant’s services and products, which were certified in Mosstroycertification system, shall demonstrate consumer that company-applicant is sure in its products’ efficiency, high quality and reliability




Certification Association “Russian Register” is the largest and most recognized in Russian and abroad Russian independent Certification Body for management systems, products and personnel certification. Learn more