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ISO 22301



Currently ability to function sustainably and fulfil obligations in crisis situations is becoming one of the requirements for business operations. Implementation of business continuity management system based on good practices in this area included into the model of ISO 22301 standard into the company’s operations will allow the company to ensure this sustainably, and certification will allow it to demonstrate its ability to fulfil obligations for all interested parties.
International standard ISO 22301 developed in 2012 based on BS 25999 standard is aimed at development of business continuity management system, in particular at minimization of risks and losses from failures in the organization’s operation process. The standard describes the main business continuity management system elements: planning, development, implementation, maintenance, monitoring, analysis and continual improvement. Standard recommendations are intended to facilitate the company’s uninterrupted operations in emergency and critical situations.
ISO 22301 standard is applicable to all organizations regardless of size and type of activity and property. However implementation of the standard on business continuity management is particularly important for organizations operating under increased risk conditions, for example in manufacturing companies, allocating its manufacturing sites in different regions, in public sector, in the scope of finance, transport, telecommunications, where the ability to continue operations is essential for the organization itself as well as for its clients and stakeholders.
ISO 22301:2012 “Social responsibility. Business continuity management systems. Requirements” became the first standard which was developed according to the new format for development of ISO standards for management systems. The standard is perfectly consistent with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001.


  • quickest possible recovery of company’s normal operation in case of force majeure or crisis situation,

  • preparedness for crisis situations based on reliable and representative analysis of risks,

  • personnel continual involvement and preparedness for operation in force majeure situations

  • development of processes on the basis of the best world practices included into the standard’s modal;

  • improvement of confidence in the company from customers, government and other stakeholders through independence and competence of certification,

  • enhancement of company’s compatibility by improvement of market confidence in it.


Certification of business continuity management system in Russian Register will allow You to obtain:

  • Confirmation of business continuity management system conformity by the leading Russian certification body,

  • Certificate of conformity to the requirements of ISO 22301 of IQNet, International Certification Bodies Association,

  • Opportunity to certify an integrated management system for compliance with the requirements of 2 or more standards,

  • Opportunity to reduce service costs through engagement of qualified Russian-speaking auditors;

  • Wide range of courses and seminars,

  • and many others.




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