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Forest industry

Russia’s forest potential is maximal of all the countries worldwide and comprises about 22% of world timber. To maintain competitiveness on the world market with other high forest cover countries Russia shall be oriented at the application of highest environmental and social certification standards, as it allows ensuring presence on world market of timber of slow-growing boreal forests.
Incentives for forest certification development in Russia include:

  • primarily export orientation of forest-based economic sector (considerable part of our forest products are launched into the US and EU markets, which for the most part are “green” or so called environmentally sensitive);

  • customers’ awareness of adverse information on forest administration, pulp and paper organizations’ wish to secure its business by means of requirements for certification;

  • activity of Russian and international environmental nongovernmental organizations.

Services, rendered by Russian Register to forest industry enterprises in respect of management systems, products and personnel certification, help the enterprises to successfully conduct modernization of all areas of their activity:

  • certification for compliance with the requirements of FSC-STD-40-004, FSC-STD-40-005 standards with international accreditation;

  • certification of quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management systems with RvA international accreditation;

  • certification of integrated management systems, developed in compliance with the requirements of several international or national standards;

  • products certification in GOST R and RR system;

  • personnel training on programs, conforming to the requirements of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC).




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