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Markets and governments of most developed countries now require them to supply lumber produced from raw materials to the legal basis of the principles of sustainable forest management. The guarantee of this is the international certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
FSC — Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-profit organization, which main objective is to promote environmentally responsible, socially-oriented and economically viable forestry and international forest resources management.
FSC is a membership-based organization, which includes over 800 international members, belonging to social, environmental and economic chambers. Certification against FSC scheme is conducted by accredited certification bodies. FSC itself does not conduct forest certification. This helps FSC maintain an independent approach in development of requirements and standards, and maintain lack of bias towards enterprises, seeking certification.
On the area of FSC certified forest Russia firmly in second place in the world, second only to Canada. FSC - is a global leader in forest certification in the world now recites:

  • more than 180 million hectares of FSC certified forests;

  • more than 30 thousand FSC Certificate Supply Chain.
RR is accredited Worldwide for FSC chain of custody certification and provides the following certification services:
- Certification of Chain of Custody
- Certification of chain of custody and FSC-controlled wood (FSC CoC/CW).
Since March 2012 Russian Register has been a member of Forest Stewardship Council of Russia, and since May 2014 - an international member of FSC.

Benefits of FSC certification

Upon receiving the certificate an enterprise can get tangible significant achievements:

  • Enter international environmentally-sensitive markets of Europe, America and Asia with certified products and receive recognition;

  • Increase investment appeal of the business and promote capitalization of the enterprise itself;

  • Improve enterprise’s image at local and regional level;

  • Ability to use FSC mark, demonstrating that this products are obtained as a result of legal and responsible forestry;

  • Get priority during the conclusion of long-term agreement for supply of FSC certified products and more beneficial price policy;

  • Opportunity to receive support of responsible forestry from all levels of authority and environmental organizations.

  • FSC certification is actually a pass to the markets of a number of world’s developed countries due to severization of requirements in trade legislation. For example, the European Union order on mandatory confirmation of lawfulness has fully come into effect in March 2013, and Lacy’s law is valid in the US since April 2009.




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