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The importance of professional education area for economics of any country is significant. A lot of Russian higher education institutions and specialised secondary educational establishments have a longstanding history, culture evolving during decades, traditions and education technolodies, which currently allow them offering job market graduates whose competence exceeds one of foreign experts. Current trends of education development and job market impose on education organizations requirements for quality improvement and professional education availability. Under the conditions of increase of control level and requirements for education organizations on the part of the state, job market and customers, and demographic decrease, the organizations in education area constantly have to prove their advantages.

Among the impetus for development of education quality independent assessment institution, public accreditations, management systems certification in Russia, may be noted:

  • improvement of professional education, provided to students;

  • assisstance to higher education institutions in quality management and improvement;

  • encouragement of higher education institutions that are striving to achieve conspicuous achievements in respect of education and developmet of intellectual potential;

  • support of education organizations and provision of assistance to them in the development of their own quality assurance culture;

  • informing education organizations, students, employeers and other stakeholders of processes and the results of professional education;

  • availability of adverse information in mass media and customers on education organizations and their education programs, intent of the management of education organizations to secure their organizations by means of the requirements of independent assessments and relevant third-party recognitions;

  • increase of state requirements for education organizations.

Russian Register provides education organizations with services in respect of independent assessment and recognition of assurance systems and quality management compliance with standards and guidelines of ESG, ISO, FSES, including ones for:

  • independent education quality assessment in compliance with the requirements of FZ-273 “On Education in the Russian Federation”, article 95 and the requirements of the Certification Association “Russian Register” standard, correlated with the requirements of ESG-ENQA European Standards for Quality Assurance in Education, Federal State Educational Standard (FSES), customer requirements,

  • professional and public accreditation of education programs in compliance with the requirements of FZ-273 “On Education in the Russian Federation”, article 96,

  • public accreditation of education organization’s activity in compliance with the requirements of FZ-273 “On Education in the Russian Federation”, article 96,

  • certification of conformity to ISO 9001:2008 requirements with international accredutation of RvA, a member of the International Accreditation Forum IAF, the international certification network IQNet,

  • certification of conformity to ISO 9001:2008 requirements of any IQNet member (36 Bodies in 33 countries) without additional audit,

  • certification of conformity to GOST ISO 9001-2011 and other national ISO 9001 analogues’ requirements with relevant accreditations,

  • opportunity to undergo assessment of compliance with ESG standards and guidelines, together with certification for conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard,

  • opportunity to undergo certification of integrated management system for compliance with 2 or more standards, including ЕSG, FGOS, professional standards (if applicable),

  • opportunity to receive a service package consisting of personnel, management systems certification, public accreditations of education in compiance with the requirements of FZ-273 “On Education in the Russian Federation”, article 95

  • opportunity to use a transfer procedure,

  • choice of training courses and seminars and completion of appropriate training.




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