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Construction industry

Construction industry is of great importance for the development of national economy: economic effectiveness of related economic sectors is considerably assured through intensive development of construction.
Currently such area as construction is not licensed in Russia. Since January, 1st 2009 instead of construction permits self-regulation in respect of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of construction objects is introduced. Self-regulatory organizations (SROs) working in the sphere of construction are now becoming a powerful tool, which is designed to control high quality level of construction. SRO members shall be issued competency certificate – a document, confirming company’s compliance with the requirements, set for performance of certain types of work.

Russian Register offers the following services for construction industry organizations:

  • management systems certification with RvA international accreditation;

  • management systems certification in Gazpromcert system, which can be important for suppliers of material and technical resources for “GAZPROM” JSC;

  • products certification in GOST R and RR system;

  • personnel training on programs, conforming to the requirements of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC).

Currently in Russian Register NOSTROY system is being developed, the objective of which is certification of quality management systems of organizations’, performing full range of installation and construction works.




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