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Automotive industry

Role of automotive industry in the development of modern society is well known. For many decades automotive industry has been a locomotive of development of all the most economically developed countries.
However current automobile manufacturers’ problems include both deficiency in highly qualified manufacturing personnel and engineering staff, and quality-related problems; and generally production defects can have severe implications and result in essential expenses
As Russian automotive industry development strategy for the period until 2020 Ministry of Industry and Trade has determined direction for realization of competitive products, compliant with advanced world automotive standards.
Services, rendered by Russian Register to automotive enterprises in respect of management systems, products and personnel certification, help the enterprises to successfully implement this strategy:

  • quality management system certification for compliance with the requirements of Russian national standart ГОСТ Р ИСО/ТУ 16949-2009;

  • certification of quality management systems with RvA international accreditation, recognized by the largest Russian automotive industry suppliers;

  • certification of environmental, occupational health and safety management systems with RvA international accreditation;

  • integrated management systems certification, developed in compliance with the requirements of several international or national standards;

  • products certification in GOST R and RR system;

  • personnel training on programs, conforming to the requirements of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC).




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