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AS 9100



Quality management systems standards for the aerospace industry include AS 9100, AS 9110 and AS 9120. AS 9100 Revision B is the standard designed for aerospace industry organizations. Current revision of the standard, Revision C, has an extended scope of application - the standard is suitable for use by organizations, which design, develop and/or manufacture products within aerospace and defense industry.
AS 9110 standard contains requirements for service organizations in aerospace industry.
AS 9120 standard defines the requirements for distributers in aerospace and defense industry. Although commonly the standard is used by organizations-raw material distributors, it can be applied to all distributors within this industry.
AS 9100 includes requirements for quality management systems, specified for ISO 9001 and explains in detail additional requirements for aerospace and defense industry. Accordingly in this standard and in AS 9110 specific requirements, set for quality management systems for aerospace and defense industry are printed in bold type unlike ISO 9001 requirements.
Originally aerospace industry organizations used ISO 9001 supplementing it with their own content. For example, Boeing company had D1-9000 standard and the automotive Q standard. As this created confusion, a separate AS 9000 standard was developed in the USA. After its release, companies stopped using their supplements.
Supply chain in aerospace and defense industry is global and development of AS 9100 series of standards has ensured fulfillment of requirements for maintenance of high level of security in the industry. The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) consists of representatives of the top 64 aerospace companies of this industry, including Airbus and Boeing, and ensures that standards’ requirements are fulfilled. IAQG was the instigator of AS 9100 revision and Revision C issue. Among other amendments, in new revision of the standard improvement of time delivery performance and the quality of the delivered products have been set as achievable goals. The members of International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) ensure implementation of AS 9100 requirements throughout the whole supply chain. In general, organization can be certified for compliance with the requirements of AS 9100, if organization’s turnover from aerospace industry-related activity exceeds 10% of organization’s total turnover or at any other time the organization deems fit to be certified. Some organizations can get certified against AS 9100 not practicing aerospace industry-related activity, but anticipating implementation of this activity once they receive Certificate of conformity to all AS 9100 requirements.


  • including organization into international database of aerospace sector suppliers (OASIS);

  • increasing personnel motivation through traceability and preciseness of functional responsibilities;

  • enriching quality knowledge of personnel;

  • increasing effectiveness of organization’s internal processes;

  • cost savings through improved efficiency, quality enhancement of manufactured products and rendered services and defect rate decrease;

  • continual improvement of organization’s processes through determination and elimination of waste in the performance;

  • improvement of internal communications, planning mechanism and material resources allocation;

  • increasing customer satisfaction through meeting their requirements;

  • continual improvement of organization’s performance through implementation of modern quality management tools;

  • organization’s competitive growth at Russian and world market.

Applying to Russian Register, You shall receive:

  • confirmation of quality management system conformity from leading Russian certification body;

  • opportunity to certify integrated management system for compliance with the requirements of 2 or more standards,

  • opportunity to reduce service costs through engagement of qualified Russian-speaking auditors,

  • opportunity to receive integrated service for management systems, products and personnel certification,

  • wide range of courses and seminars

  • etc.

Declaration Request for preliminary assessment / certification of management system

Annex to Declaration-Request for multi-sites organizations

Criteria for applicant's evaluation of management system integration level by completion of declaration-application




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